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Trenta. :)

 The man saw the woman across the street. He wondered who she is. Her eyes, as black as the night, were the most beautiful ones he’d ever seen. Lucky him, she lives next door. He’s sure she’s not from that place.

Days after, he finally had the guts to approach her and ask for her name. He walked with her as she went to work, and after, he’d bring her home. Sometimes, they would watch movies together. Sometimes, they would just sit and talk about things. I really don’t know how long he
courted her. All I know is that one day, he asked her to marry him and she said yes.

That was 30 years ago. On July 11, 1981, she walked down the aisle as he waited for her. And God made them one in love.

He’s not perfect. So is she.

He’s impatient. He drinks and smokes. He’s tikalon, a proud Ilonggo.

She really isn’t a good cook. She’s got ginger feet. She’s kuripot, a proud Ilocana.

But together, they are perfect. They loved each other’s imperfections. They accepted each other’s differences. And still, after 30 long years,
the love never fades.

He is hard-working. A man of dignity. He knows his responsibility and did everything for his family.

She is loving wife and mother. A very respectable woman. And above all, she prioritizes her family more than herself.

In 30 years. They had five children. Lost one. Blessed with a grandson.

In 30 years. They taught them. Supported them. Loved them.

They laughed together and they cried together.

He is their protector.

She is their fortress.

They are their inspiration.

They have been through everything.

30 strong years and going.

Whole. Happy. Dignified.

With God. In love. Through faith.

Happy 30th Anniversary, Nanay and Tatay.