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Sunshine at 1AM

 "Ikaw ba yung umiiyak? Or parang tumatawa ata? Or parang  umiiyak habang tumatawa?" 

This was Kat's reaction when I went out of the room after watching 3 Idiots. That means I was that happy while I was watching that movie. Siguro nga. I was really crying and laughing at the same time but I didn't realize that Kat can hear me from outside. Blame it on the earphones.

I needed that. The laughter and the tears. Good thing 3 idiots is saved somewhere in my hard drive. I don't know how the hell it get there but I'm thankful it was there. It was the right movie to watch. I'm probably PMS-ing right now. Good friends didn't work. Even ice cream, telenovela, music, painting some crap, iced and cold coffee, and a few sticks of cig didn't have any effect on this emotional shoot-out. And this movie finally let me burst into tears that were suppressed deep inside. This has been the worst PMS I ever had if this is indeed a PMS.

But no, this is not PMS. These are the times where I need a PAUSE.

Yeah, a BIG pause from everything. I feel the world is eating me. Literally.
Lord, I ask for Joy and Patience. For Wisdom. For Your Guidance. I can do all these for I am with You.