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Trenta. :)

 The man saw the woman across the street. He wondered who she is. Her eyes, as black as the night, were the most beautiful ones he’d ever seen. Lucky him, she lives next door. He’s sure she’s not from that place.

Days after, he finally had the guts to approach her and ask for her name. He walked with her as she went to work, and after, he’d bring her home. Sometimes, they would watch movies together. Sometimes, they would just sit and talk about things. I really don’t know how long he
courted her. All I know is that one day, he asked her to marry him and she said yes.

That was 30 years ago. On July 11, 1981, she walked down the aisle as he waited for her. And God made them one in love.

He’s not perfect. So is she.

He’s impatient. He drinks and smokes. He’s tikalon, a proud Ilonggo.

She really isn’t a good cook. She’s got ginger feet. She’s kuripot, a proud Ilocana.

But together, they are perfect. They loved each other’s imperfections. They accepted each other’s differences. And still, after 30 long years,
the love never fades.

He is hard-working. A man of dignity. He knows his responsibility and did everything for his family.

She is loving wife and mother. A very respectable woman. And above all, she prioritizes her family more than herself.

In 30 years. They had five children. Lost one. Blessed with a grandson.

In 30 years. They taught them. Supported them. Loved them.

They laughed together and they cried together.

He is their protector.

She is their fortress.

They are their inspiration.

They have been through everything.

30 strong years and going.

Whole. Happy. Dignified.

With God. In love. Through faith.

Happy 30th Anniversary, Nanay and Tatay.

Nagmamataray lang...


Blueberry Girl

I found a beautiful poem written by my favorite author-- Neil Gaiman. His works are superb. Witty and sincere. One day, I will give these Gifts for my own Blueberry Girl. 

 Blueberry Girl – by Neil Gaiman

Ladies of light
and Ladies Of Darkness
and Ladies of Never-you-mind,
This is a prayer for a Blueberry Girl
First, may you Ladies be kind
Keep her from spindles and sleeps at 16
Let her stay Waking and Wise
Nightmares at 3 or bad husbands at 30
These will not trouble her Eyes
Dull days at 40
False friends at 15
Let her have Brave days and Truth
Let her go Places that we’ve never been
Trust and Delight in her youth
Ladies of grace and Ladies of favor
And Ladies of merciful night
This is a prayer for a Blueberry Girl
Grant her your Clearness of Sight
Words can be worrisome
People complex
Motives and manners unclear
Grant her the Wisdom to chose her path right
Free from unkindess and Fear
Let her tell Stories
And Dance in the rain
Somersaults Tumble and Run
Her Joys must be high
as her Sorrows are Deep
Let her grow like a Weed in the Sun
Ladies of paradox
Ladies of measure
Ladies of shadows that Fall
This is a prayer for a Blueberry Girl
Words written Clear on a Wall
Help her to help Herself
Help her to Stand
Help her to Lose and to Find
Teach her we’re only as Big as our Dreams
Show her that Fortune is blind
Truth is a thing she must find for Herself
Precious and Rare as a Pearl
Give her all these and a little bit more
Gifts for a Blueberry Girl

The Soul

 I heard the weeping of the universe.
The souls imprisoned in this mad world.
But there was one voice...

I heard you called my name, and said,
take me away from the infinite abyss.
And so I looked for you...
For that one voice...
that one soul,
who needed me.

And there you were...
I reached out my hand..
And I thought it was you who needs saving,
But I was wrong...
At that moment, when you held my hand,
I knew I was saved.




Power of Words

Some people know how to use the right words. 

 “She seems so cool, so focused, so quiet, yet her eyes remain fixed upon the horizon. You think you know all there is to know about her immediately upon meeting her, but everything you think you know is wrong. Passion flows through her like a river of blood.”

~ quoted daw from Neil Gaiman, Fragile Things

Effective. I so love him. I mean Neil Gaiman. ;)

Mom's Words

Dapat kasi ang iniisip mo, inaaral mo iyan dahil GUSTO mong matuto... hindi dahil kailangan mong maipasa ang subject mo.

Mother knows best nga talaga. Para akong si Raju Rastogi ng 3 Idiots. Worrying too much on passing the subjects. Another words of wisdom. Thank God for the best Nanay. 

This is Joy.

 She found a big rock beside the road with a tree shadowing over it. She dusted the dirt off from it and sat there comfortably. She knows she has to wait patiently. She looked up at the sky. There are no clouds today. The perfect blue sky feels refreshing. Across the road, she saw the colorful leaves and flowers of the cherry tree fell down as the wind gently rushes through. She closed her eyes and felt the wind kiss her face. She smiled at the joy she felt inside. As she opened her eyes, she saw him. There she realized, he brought the words with him.

Sunshine at 1AM

 "Ikaw ba yung umiiyak? Or parang tumatawa ata? Or parang  umiiyak habang tumatawa?" 

This was Kat's reaction when I went out of the room after watching 3 Idiots. That means I was that happy while I was watching that movie. Siguro nga. I was really crying and laughing at the same time but I didn't realize that Kat can hear me from outside. Blame it on the earphones.

I needed that. The laughter and the tears. Good thing 3 idiots is saved somewhere in my hard drive. I don't know how the hell it get there but I'm thankful it was there. It was the right movie to watch. I'm probably PMS-ing right now. Good friends didn't work. Even ice cream, telenovela, music, painting some crap, iced and cold coffee, and a few sticks of cig didn't have any effect on this emotional shoot-out. And this movie finally let me burst into tears that were suppressed deep inside. This has been the worst PMS I ever had if this is indeed a PMS.

But no, this is not PMS. These are the times where I need a PAUSE.

Yeah, a BIG pause from everything. I feel the world is eating me. Literally.
Lord, I ask for Joy and Patience. For Wisdom. For Your Guidance. I can do all these for I am with You. 

The Answer

I was asked about the difference between joy and happiness.  Words escaped. It resulted to a poor attempt of being illustrative.